Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Circus comes to town...

Vividly colored pelts and coats flashing by in a cacaphonous procession. Now we find momentary footings among the chaos and make these both home and laboratory. It is a celebration of skewered meats and crackling fires, striped tents and peeling paint. Yes, a persistent dizziness that borders on nausea, but one as sweetly innocent as horse shit. Also, the religious mounting and breaking down of a show, being on the road, the dappled sun, the quiet hours getting from here to there, slightly oval wheels rocking a haycart between two towns. Aching muscles and spectacular thrills that transform over and over into ecstatic waking dreams of Modern Animals.

("Mappa della Nonsforza" - "Map of What is Effortless" by Francesco Clemente)

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