Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Enough killing for Madonna...

File under Meat is Murder:

"She's seen off bad-boy actors, the nation's harshest film critics and generations of young pop pretenders - but now Madonna has admitted that even she was no match for the sight of a dying pheasant. The Queen of Pop has revealed that she has given up game bird shooting after witnessing the dying moments of a bird she blasted out of the sky on her Wiltshire estate. The Material Girl admitted she was a big fan of the hobby a couple of years ago, and loved bagging pheasants at her Ashcombe Estate on the Wiltshire-Dorset border. But she killed one too many, and the moment a bird she shot died in front of her prompted the about-turn."

Again, I'm not an animal rights activist, and I think people should eat meat if they want to. I do. But I feel very strongly that people should understand exactly what meat-eating (and as a subset, hunting) means. Denial is no excuse. There's blood in every Big Mac and it's running down your chin.

(From a 2005 article found here.)

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