Saturday, November 1, 2008

Mucous Pajamas...

The rascally parrotfish is the iconoclast of the sea. For starters, it excretes sand. It's many tiny teeth scour coral reefs, breaking off chunks which are swallowed whole and broken down and released in colorful bits (and that's where Fruity Pebbles come from kids). But that's nothing compared to the fact that it can change sex at will, and will do so several times in its seven year lifespan. But wait we forgot about the pajamas! The parrotfish (clearly) needs its beauty rest, and so when it tucks itself among the crags of the reef for a nap, it secretes an all encompassing bubble of mucous which prevents its scent from attracting hungry eels while it sleeps. Mucous pajamas - now you know what to get Julian Schnabel for Christmas.

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