Thursday, March 11, 2010

Excuse me waiter, this raw fish tastes a bit mammally...

One of my all time favorite restaurants, The Hump, (at the Santa Monica airport) has some serious 'splaining to do. Apparently, they've been serving up whale sushi on their special "omakase" menu (chef's choice). It's illegal to eat whale in the US because they're mammals.

I could never afford the omakase, but I have certainly tasted the ants and the grasshoppers downstairs at the Hump's sister restaurant, Typhoon. But those critters, they're not... mammals. I mean, how could anyone in their right mind eat a nice warm-blooded mammal? Hope the public doesn't catch wind of this. Their might be mass bouts of fainting and vomiting in the streets if they heard that someone somewhere actually ate, shudder to think, a mammal!

Story here.

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