Thursday, May 26, 2011

Is this interesting or not?

I'm fuzzy as to where all of this animal/civilization obsession of mine is going... Its meaning has always transcended logical thinking. Animals offer a fascinating and ghostly inverse to our human dominion of Earth. That has been enough.

I suppose logic had to enter the picture. It's my biological duty. So now there's ambivalence. I'll look at a photograph, a story, or a piece of footage that has anthrozoological significance, such as the above, and I'll either be held in glorious aesthetic arrest for a good long while - synapses firing, endorphins dancing, filled with renewed faith that civilization can benefit from catching these inverted reminders of its grotesque self. Other times, crushingly, I feel nothing. I clearly recognize the existence of non-human life forces and no triggers are triggered. No eureka moments aha! themselves into the jacuzzi of my pineal gland. Maybe there's a "porn" effect here - the instant, effortless delight has met with overexposure. Maybe I'm changing.

Of course I'm changing. Evolution is afoot. And I do sense a new understanding emerging here. One that will lead to a greater embracing of this wonderfully puzzling subject matter. I'll let you know how it goes.


Outsource said...

Great Pictures, Very Neat and tidy
Great Post

CK MURALS said...

Gazpachot: your excellent prose and unfliching candor about your ambivalences and probings are a brief and very welcome respite from all the bullshit. Perfect clip to accompany. Consider on.... elkpen