Sunday, March 18, 2012

Eating crow...

I suspect, that at some level, we feel we've gone too far. We've strayed out of earshot from the natural source we have focused so hard on co-opting and reinventing for ourselves. Greedy godlets lose their way and forge ahead because progress is a slow moving massive wheel we've jumped upon, whose steady momentum carries us wherever it goes. It's a ride. Still I think there's a clear undercurrent of nostalgia, fear, and shame in all of this. I believe it account sfor much of the animal oriented art we're seeing these days. I'm interested in this emerging phenomena, a call to the wild in the digital void, and notice its manifestation all around me. All us beasts are modern animals now, standing around glancing furtively around the globe at each other, wondering who's running things now, who's confidence rings true, and secretly, if anyone remembers their way back to the garden.

("CarroƱa" by Javier Perez)

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