Friday, May 2, 2008

Cobras & Toddlers...

Deadly snakes and fearless babies. Now there's good television! Thing is: King cobra is ophiophagous - it feeds almost entirely on other snakes. It will only attack humans if provoked or in other extreme circumstances that threaten its survival. If not treated, a king cobra's bite can kill a person in just half an hour.

Either this snake is empathetic enough to recognize a child's innocent touch, or it has really blown its street cred... Come on Ophiophagus hannah, you don't scare us anymore with your flat head, waxy eyes, and your vaguely effeminate hissing. Until we see some cobra spit, maybe you just want to borrow my Celine Dion CDs and do some babysitting on the weekends? Venom hoarder!

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